Nakta Designs creates beautiful home goods that reflect our passion for women's economic inclusion and our love of the country of Kyrgyzstan.

Our rugs and accessories are handmade by talented female artisans in Kyrgyzstan, rooted in traditional techniques, and perfect for the modern home. We're a wholesaler, seeking retail partners that value craftsmanship, imagination, and global style. Contact us for more information!


Wondering how our gorgeous shyrdaks are made? Watch our video below to learn more about the process and meet some of our artisans!

We were thrilled to be featured in industry mag Rug News on International Women's Day! Click here to read our interview with editor Carol Tisch.

Where in the world is Kyrgyzstan? Check out our map below: it's in Central Asia, just below Kazakhstan and bordering China to the east. The darker breakout map shows you where to find our artisan communities.

We love Instagram! Follow us for special announcements, gorgeous photos from our Kyrgyz adventures, and lots of cute animals relaxing on our rugs. ;)

Our 2016 Spring Catalog is here! Just click below to view & download.

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